Youth Ministry - Welcome Letter

Youth Ministry

Welcome to 2016 and to a brand new year of adventures, excitement and great opportunities to live for Jesus!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our Student Ministry page.
One of the key markers of 412 Student Ministries is that we are a ministry that wants to not only see students come to know Jesus, but we want then to live a life that points to Him here in our community as well as around the world. We are not satisfied with slick production or just seeing lots of students, we desire more.
Our desire (and God’s desire) is to see students go to the NEXT LEVEL! This year we want to lead students to…  Own a Next-Level Faith. God’s plan has always been that our faith would grow. Over and over throughout Scripture, there is the expectation that we would come to know God (salvation) and then would continue to know Him and His ways more and more. And yet, too often, so many Christ-followers don’t seem to take spiritual growth seriously...Unlock a Next-Level Faith

Part of taking our faith to the next level is an understanding of our purpose. Simply put, we can’t embrace a new direction without knowing where we are heading. This is all about purpose grounded in the Gospel. Essentially, we are saved from our sins - reconciled to God - and have been called to be messengers to the world of this same reconciliation. That is living life on purpose
Live Out a Next-Level Faith
The reality is that we are not all leaders. But all of us have influence. Some have a ton of influence. Some only have influence over a few people. But every one of us can use our influence to lead others closer to Christ. We want to challenge our students to understand that having a next-level faith is all about influencing the world around them. It’s the outflow of a closer relationship with God.  We want students to see their lives as opportunities to make a real difference for the sake of the Gospel.
We know this is a task that will ultimately last till Jesus returns, but we are asking you as family to please pray that this year, 2016, will be the year for all of us to go to the NEXT LEVEL for and in the name of Jesus.