Welcome Letter

Welcome to Mt. Rachel Baptist Church
Thank you for taking the time to visit the web site of Mt. Rachel Baptist church. I believe the Web is a vital tool the church must utilize in sharing the Gospel. The greatest need in our time is for the church to be the church. We live in a day filled with economic, social, moral and spiritual problems. Problems that I believe can be resolved through the spirit filled church of the Lord Jesus. Resolved because the church is people, people who have received a new life in Jesus Christ and are sharing that life with one another and extending their new life in Christ with others.

I hope you will continue to take a few minutes of your time and look over our web site to see how God is working here at Mt. Rachel and around the world through our members, and then perhaps we will see you in person soon at Mt. Rachel.  May the Lord Jesus instruct you, guide you and lead you in the way He would have you to go.

That I May Know Him,

Marty Greene
Senior Pastor
Mt. Rachel Baptist Church