Our History


History of Mt. Rachel Baptist Church

Mount Rachel Baptist Church was organized January 19, 1892 with 26 charter members and a presbytery composed of J.E. Henderson, W.S. Gilbert and J. Joseph Nichols.  Services were held in a building owned by the late A.J. Showalter and formerly used as his printing plant.  The lot and building were purchased from Mr. Showalter in 1896 for the price of $100.
Our earliest records show on November 13, 1892 that Sunday School had 36 scholars, 12 teachers and officers, 6 visitors and a collections of $7.16.  Oddly, a weather report was also included.  This particular Sunday was cloudy.

In earlier days, services were held two Sundays each month.  The wooden structure was torn down and replaced by a brick veneer church building in 1936.  Rev. W. H. Harper was pastor and much of the work was done by the members of the Church.  Youth sold bricks for $.05 to help defray cost.  Families of the Church bought stained glass windows in memory of loved ones.  The Church membership continued to grow. 

In 1980 6 acres on the North By-Pass was purchased.

On January 19, 1992 Mt. Rachel celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

September 30, 1995 there was a Relocation Parade from the old building on Long Street to our present location on Haig Mill Lake Rd.  Sunday, October 1, 1995 was the first Sunday in our new building. In 2011, a balcony was added to the sanctuary to accommodate the growth in our membership and to enable us to move to one worship service on Sunday mornings. 

Former Pastors of Mt. Rachel Baptist Church

Rev. Charles Maples
Rev. Joe A. Maples
Rev. J. H. Cargal
Rev. B. F. Hunt
Rev. A. F. Stokes
Rev. J. H. Fuller
Rev. W. M. Bridges
Rev. J.H. Hudlow
Rev. E. B. Farrar
Rev. J. E. Hudson
Rev. W. E. Dawn Taylor
Rev. W. S. Gilbert
Rev. W. M. Kelley
Rev. W. H. Harper
Rev. James D. Lyle
Rev. Fred Townsend
Rev. W. L. Williams
Rev. Edwin H. Clack
Rev. H. W. Jarrett
Rev. A. W. Brooks
Rev. Don Sayer (Interim)
Rev. J. T. Tyson
Rev. J. C. Williamson (Interim)
Rev. Howard Rose (Interim)
Rev. Elmon G. Edwards
Rev. Randy Kennedy
Rev. Larry Wood (Interim)
Rev. Thomas Smith
Rev. Fred White (Interim)
Rev. Shane Craven
Rev. Jeff Smith