Our Core Beliefs



1. DOCTRINAL INTEGRITY - We are committed to relevant Biblical preaching/teaching of the word of God.

2. PRIORITY OF PRAYER - We are committed to continual prayer and reliance on prayer for direction, conception, planning and execution of the ministries and activities of this church.

3. AUTHENTIC WORSHIP - We are committed to faithfully offering a dynamic corporate worship where people can genuinely interact with and glorify God.

4. LAY MINISTRY - We are committed to the ministries of this church being carried out by non-ordained servants utilizing their spiritual gifts who are called by God.

5. LOVING RELATIONSHIPS - We are committed to having a congregation that extends Christ’s love to one another and is genuinely concerned for those in need through their personal presence and support.

6. DISCIPLESHIP - We are committed to the growth and assimilation of every believer that God brings to this church.

7. MISSIONS - We are committed to the Great Commission by offering training and mission opportunities in our city, state, country and world.

8. EXCELLENCE - We are committed to excellence in everything God calls us to do.