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Each Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM
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 Kids Club
Wednesday  Nights
6:30 PM


Current Events                                                                                                      

  Total Church Life Classes  -  Open to Everyone Check Church calendar for class schedules
  • Class 101 Discovering Church Membership: 
  • Class 201 Discovering Spiritual Maturity: 
  • Class 301 Discovering My Shape for Ministry:  
  • Class 401 Discovering My Life Mission: 

The Cause - Monthly Outreach Ministry
Sunday at 4:30 pm 

The Cause is our monthly outreach ministry in which we visit, call, pray and minister for others.  
Childcare will be provided.

Life Groups
Every Sunday @ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Life Groups is what we call our small group Bible study ministry.  
These groups meet at 6:00 pm all over the church campus and cover every age group and life-stage.