Children Ministry - Welcome Letter

Children Ministry

Mrs. Krista Greene
Children’s Ministry Director
The Children's Ministries of Mt Rachel Baptist Church desire to come alongside and assist parents in the privilege of loving, caring for, teaching and training young children to come to know and follow the Savior... from the very beginning. And in keeping with the overall plan of the leaders of this church, we want to help our children experience the wonder of WORSHIPING God, grow in knowledge that comes from being NURTURED and immersed in God’s truth, sense the significance that emerges when we begin learning to willingly SERVE our Lord, and catch the enthusiasm that arrives when we extend our faith in Jesus in EVANGELIZING our world.

We desire to be known, as Jesus was, for welcoming, cherishing and valuing children. More than anything, we want to introduce them to JESUS, the One who loves and understands each of them thoroughly, gently, strongly and unquestionably. It is His love that then compels them to respond in love, receive His forgiveness of sin, and become His loyal, committed followers.

Mrs. Krista Greene
Children’s Director